Rise from the ashes

Co-creation in quarantine-times! An interdisciplinary project made for Fontys School of Fine and Performing Arts.

There the pure bird hurries away from them abruptly, so that he may take hold of a secret refuge in a woody bower, a deserted place, hidden and concealed from many men. There he dwells and inhabits a tall tree in the forest, fixed by the roots under the roof of heaven. Men call that one the Phoenix on the earth, from the name of those birds. He has granted that tree, the Glory-Mighty King, the Measurer of Mankind, as I have heard, which is alone of all lofty trees on the earth-way, blossoming with the brightest. Nor can anything bitter injure it with evils, but it is shielded always, dwelling unscathed, so long as the world stands.

– Aaron Hostetter

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