Studenten FHK

As we find ourselves in these times, we specifically find it hard to fully grasp what it truly means to be free from our everyday lives as we knew it. To be abruptly put out of school and jobs, to be stuck at home in solitude for what feels like an eternity and even held under lockdown. You’re free to do whatever you want, but not quite. Time is relative, and now it’s moving slower than ever. With this video we’re tapping into what freedom means to each and one of us, diving into personal depictions whilst also trying to show but a fraction of its vast definitions in different lights. Freedom is…

Soundscape & Monologue: Sijmen Kroot (Academy of Music and Performing Arts) Dancers: Leonardo Avantaggiato & Tina Le (Dance Academy) Editing & Layout Design: Ingeborg Damen (Fine Arts and Design Teacher), Sacha Kroonings (Fine Arts and Design Teacher) Singing: Fay de Klein (Musicaltheater), Tristan van der Lingen (Musicaltheater) Arjanne Bode (Coach)

(dit filmpje over het onderwerp ‘quarantaine’ is gemaakt door 1e-jaars studenten Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten)

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