Timeless in time

We are artists. We are used to using our body, our tools and our minds to create. But in these times we are all stuck in a time-loop. Time feels more distorted than ever: days seem long and heavy, but at the same time they can fly by extremely quickly. We lose the rhythm of the week. This project tries to deal with these issues. We start by showing a very rash beginning, portraying confusion and time the way we experience it. But in the end things calm down and time reverts back to normal.With this we want to show that it’s still possible to find balance and keep on going without losing ourselves. We can only win the battle against time together. We have to deal with this and create our own new routine and the confusion might disappear.

The clock ticks, time moves forward, and so do we.

Group 13:
Janna Corbeij | Siel Damen | Fabian Weber | Martina  Miodini | Glenn van Hoof | André Neto | Nigel Gerritsen | Romy Beun
Coach: Tamar Blom

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